Active Since 1992 

Spending almost three decades in this industry, we have now become premium choice of established and start-up, big and small food selling joints. It is because of our long-standing expertise in disposables manufacturing that we are considered a competition in the Indian market by even longer running business organizations.

Our business of producing a wide range of disposable and plastic goods such as Disposable Gravy Bowl With Lid, Disposable French Spoon, Disposable Fork, Disposable Plastic Spoon, Square Disposable Plastic Food Container and a host of other disposable products is running exceptionally well from more than two decades because we have been focusing upon living up to the mark in the disposable serving business. We have a very huge collection of disposables, in both fancy and durable food grade plastic. Our entire range well serves the purpose of convenience in serving and eating all cuisines and types of foods. 

As manufacturer and trader, the role of introducing better design and dimension of disposable cutlery and packaging materials is played by us, and with time and bettering of technology, we have been giving priority to building latest designs in quality disposables and satisfying needs of small and big food outlets.

Get Variety At Attractive Prices 

We have our disposables collection in a variety of plastic materials and needless to mention in superb shapes and standard dimensions.

Encouraging Takeaway Orders

Takeaway as a major part of the modern food business, food outlets are emphasizing more on investing in such disposable packaging items and cutlery that not only keeps food fresh but also makes it appear attractive and at the same time makes eating possible anywhere anytime without the problem of keeping and cleaning utensils. Knowing these modern wants of buyers in the market, we at Romeo Disposable House are designing a classy collection of disposable cutlery and packaging items containing Aluminium Foils, Disposable Plastic Meal Trays, Plastic Containers of many varieties, Biodegradable Cutlery, Milkshake Packaging Glasses, Bakery Packaging Boxes, to name some and encouraging takeaway food orders. 

Why Deal With Us?

Here are a few strong reasons that exhibit why dealing with us is beneficial:

  • We serve moderately priced disposables range
  • We introduce better designs and dimensions as per customers needs
  • We aid food outlets improve their food takeaway business 
  • We serve our collection for corporate events, informal gathering, in food joints and to retailing or wholesaling companies

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